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Colorado Privacy Act and Tennessee
Colorado Privacy Act: Business Obligations and Penalties

The Colorado Privacy Act (SB 190, “CPA”) is the third major state privacy law passed in the United States. The CPA provides Colorado residents with numerous rights while simultaneously placing numerous obligations on businesses. Even if your business is located…

Tennessee Insurance Data Security Law
Tennessee Passes The Insurance Data Security Law

On May 6, 2021, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has signed the Insurance Data Security Law after its passage in the General Assembly. This new data security law creates obligations for insurance carriers in Tennessee, and was based on model legislation…

Amazon's GDPR Fine
Amazon’s 887 Million Dollar GDPR Fine.

According to a recent SEC 10-Q filing, Amazon has received the largest fine in GDPR history, 887 million dollars.  Amazon’s GDPR fine is more than ten times the second largest fine in GDPR history, which was a 61 million dollar…

Colorado Privacy Act and Tennessee
Does The Colorado Privacy Act Apply in Tennessee?

On June 8, 2021, the Colorado legislature passed the Colorado Privacy Act (SB 190, “CPA”). The CPA is the latest major state privacy law passed in the United States, following close on the heals of the headline grabbing California Consumer…

The Proposed Tennessee Information Protection Act

In March 2021, the “Tennessee Information Protection Act” was proposed in the Tennessee State House of Representatives as an amendment to an existing bill dealing with campaign finance disclosures. The 27 page proposed amendment incorporated many similar provisions as those…